3D Printing: Is That Really A Thing?

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Look at the past 20 articles on TechCrunch, Wired, ZDNet, or any other tech/startup publication and you’ll probably see something about 3D printing. But walk over to your neighbor’s house and ask to use their 3D printer and prepare yourself for one of those ‘I-can’t-really-tell-if-he’s-kidding-or-if-he’s-gone-crazy-faces’. So for all this talk of 3D printing, where are all the 3D printers? Or at least where can I find something that has been created using a 3D printer? Here are 3 places to find a product of 3D printing technology that isn’t ad supported.

Blizzident Ever wish you could brush your teeth, tongue, and floss all at the same time? Well now there is a product just for this, and it’s 3D printed. In just 6 seconds Blizzident gives you the perfect oral clean that your mouth has been begging for.

In order to have one made, you must first go to your dentist and have a dental impression done. This dental impression is then sent to a lab where the Blizzident team will access it in order to create the 3D printed toothbrush that’s custom built to your mouth. Once you have your toothbrush, simply use your tongue to spread toothpaste on your teeth, then bite down on the brushes for about 6 seconds. The process looks something like this.

3D print sneakerFilaflex Sneakers – While you can’t exactly go out and buy these sneakers yet, it is possible to have them made for you through a company like Shapeways. The Filaflex sneakers shown in the above link are just one of an endless possibilities that can be created using Filaflex, an extremely durable and elastic material that can be used with 3D printers. This material, sold by Recreus in a variety of colors, fits most 3D printers and can be stretched up to 700% before breaking. The design for this shoe can be downloaded on the Recreus website. Check out this awesome video to see just what this stuff can do.

Rubik’s Cubes on Steroids!Oskar van Deventer might soon find himself in the crosshairs of an MLB investigation because I’m sure his “Rubik’s Cubes” have been taking holidays at the Biogenesis clinic in Miami. These Rubik’s Cube inspired puzzles have been on Oskar’s drawing board for some time now, previously impossible to build due to their complexities. Now, thanks to 3D printing, Oskar is able to build mind-boggling puzzles that are fetching hundreds of dollars. Because come on, sometimes it’s worth a couple hundred dollars to shut up that friend who’s always bragging about how fast they can solve a Rubik’s Cube. Check here for one of his awe inspiring puzzles, including his Guinness record holding puzzle simply titled “Over The Top”.

Although these products are great, one of the truly amazing aspects of 3D printing is it’s ability to unlock doors and bring virtually any design to life. So, if something you’re looking for isn’t already out there, don’t be afraid to give it a try at designing it yourself.