Sustainability Committment

Expedition PR was founded to support companies that drive overall sustainability goals with innovative solutions.  Thinking about how to conduct business in a more sustainable way is part of our DNA.  As a small business we have to do our part to support overall environmental, social and governance goals.

Environmental Commitment

Expedition PR is committed to lower the environmental impact of the way we conduct business. We reduce our carbon and energy footprint through the following practices:

– Reuse and recycle materials

– Use less paper use two-sided printing

– Only buy electronics that are certified for energy efficiency

– Carbon offset business travel  and transportation

We want to keep the energy footprint of our own work environment low. Our office is located in a green office buildingthat provides energy efficient lighting, paper, plastic & glass recycling, recycled/recyclable furniture, 100% recycled paper products, eco friendly and green cleaning supply, power from renewable energy sources and shared commuting options.

Social Commitment

We donate 2-3 percent of our annual revenues to support educational institutions and the use of technology in schools.