Emily Best of Seed&Spark Named indiewire Influencer

Support Seed&Spark’s Crowdfunding Campaign to Get Access to More Independent Films

By the Expedition PR Team

Congrats to Emily Best, founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, for being named to the 2013 Indiewire Influencer list.   She is out to change the independent filmmaking and distribution for the better.

Indiewire’s list is dedicated to 40 of the people and companies who are driving the new face of independent film, and Best is considered an “Early Adopter.”

As the world’s first crowd-funding and digital distribution platform created for indie films, Seed&Spark has raised $300,000 in feature financing for 17 films since its launch in December 2012.

But like many indie film endeavors, the company is running things on a shoestring budget.

So, Seed&Spark is looking to grow and is using crowdfunding on its own site to secure some of the money it needs to expand.

Like a wedding registry, you can pick and choose what portions of the campaign you’d like to support.  For example, you can help them fund Production Assistants at $10.00 per hour or support the creation of the “How to Launch a Campaign” video.

Seed&Spark is looking to raise $32,500 and it almost half-way to the goal.  Part of the success of the company is its online community that rises up to support each other and pave this new path in indie film.

In the crowdfunding pitch, the company said, “We’re hoping that by reaching out in this way our community will help us not just fund this initiative, but shape it. We want to learn from you about more ways in which we can support the life cycle of a film, about more ways we can help connect audiences to the content that matters to them.”

The campaign ends in eight days. You can make a difference by going to http://www.seedandspark.com/studio/seedsparks-seedspark and contributing now.