Innovation in NYC: NY Tech Day 2013

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR


NY Tech DayExpedition PR had the pleasure and excitement of being one of the over 400 companies exhibiting at NY Tech Day 2013. Companies ranged from established startups like Uber and Seamless to newly founded ventures such as Lineapple and I Know The Chef. Here is a short list of new apps I have downloaded and services that I have signed up for since last Thursday:

Eat Tribal. Let’s face it, with our forward looking eyes, keen intellect, and sophisticated hunting capabilities, humans are natural apex predators designed to thrive on a diet centered around animal meats (sorry PETA). New startup, Eat Tribal, attempts to satisfy your need for meat (and some veggies) with the delivery of healthy pre-cooked meals delivered right to your home, office, or gym. Once you sign up for Eat Tribal, you’ll receive 3-5 meals (based on your choosing) delivered weekly. All ingredients used in meals are grass-fed, pasture-raised, organic, and locally sourced.

Host Committee. Want your party to go as viral as your last Facebook photo album? Host Committee has you covered. Enjoy a beautiful integration of social media, ticketing, and event planning that guarantees a packed party where everyone will know at least one person before they ever walk through the door. Additionally, by gameifyng party planning, Host Committee is able to offer great party perks for attendees who bring the most friends. And with a constantly updating roster of venues, you’re sure to stay in the loop on what’s hot in NYC.

A View From My Seat. Before buying your next ticket to a see a show at a stadium visit “A View From My Seat”! No more getting to a stadium only to find out that your seat is behind a (insert blank). With “A View From My Seat” you are able to view photos taken from actual seats in stadiums all around the world. The photos on the site are completely user sourced, so sign up and show people what you’re seeing next time you go to a stadium.

RunPee. Never miss “the best scene” again thanks to founder Dan Florio. With, moviegoers are able to find out when is the best time to ditch out to relieve yourself while at a movie theater. Dan Florio works with his family to screen every movie for the perfect pee times, and then post it on their site/app with a full synopsis of the part you missed. Thank you Dan.

Hostr. With one of the more lively booths at NY Tech Day, featuring an 8 hour ongoing one man live performance, Hostr had me hooked from the minuet I was within earshot. Hostr allows you to search for and hire live music straight to your home. Marketed as a private home concert, Hostr’s website features a “ticket calculator”, so you can easily calculate how much to charge attendees, should you wish to spread the cost.

Although these were some of my favorite startups that exhibited at the event, I would like to stress that this is a SHORT list. NYC is bubbling with innovation and promising new enterprises, and NY Tech Day was a perfect showcase of this.

And on a side note, be sure to look for us at the Northside Festival, June 13-14, as we exhibit at their NExT Entrepreneurship and Technology expo.