NYC Startups, Know Your Incubators

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

While there’s a lot of talk about startups in NYC and incubators to help fuel these growing businesses, not all incubators are one size fits all. Fact is, no matter what type of company it is that you’re working on, there is an incubator for you. Here are a few incubators to consider based off the type of company you’re trying to start.

2ec5098544966b82ff20a8b8898e8295Food – Hot Bread Kitchen Incubates
Perhaps one of the most obvious startup business categories that is going to need a little more than high speed internet and a shared conference room is the food category. Once you’ve outgrown your home kitchen, it’s time to give Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) Incubates a call. HBK is a culinary incubator and business development program. As a member of HBK’s incubator, you will have the chance to rent commercial kitchen space at well below market rates, as well as attend commercial kitchen training courses and culinary workshops. You will also be immersed in a culture of food entrepreneurs with unique businesses and small but strong menu/product lines.

Operating on a 2-year rotational program, designers who are accepted to this fashion incubator are in for a real treat. This highly selective incubator in the heart of NYC works with partners such as Vogue to provide program participants a one of kind experience. In order to be eligible for this incubator program applicants must have had been in business for 2 years minimum, have existing orders from top retailers, and be American or have established a primary design business in the United States.

Tech – Techstars NYC
NYC, boasting a large tech startup community, should naturally have some pretty awesome tech startup incubators. TechStars NYC does not disappoint. With sponsors such as American Airlines, Microsoft Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, MasterCard, Verizon and more, being accepted into one of the incubator’s 3-month programs means you’ll be getting much more than a space to work and the $6,000-18,000 that they invest in each founding member who is accepted. And not to mention, you’ll be following in the footsteps of some very successful companies (SendGrid, Techstars 2009 class, has raised $27M+ in venture capital to date).

Cleantech – Urban Future Lab
Located on the top floor of 15 MetroTech in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, The Urban Future Lab (UFL) is at the forefront of innovation in cleantech with a particular focus on “energy, sustainable urban infrastructure, water, transportation, waste, and air quality.” UFL is the creation of a partnership between NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering and The City and State of New York. UFL encourages prospective applicants from across the globe to apply and be immersed in a community that will help transition their ideas into high-impact ventures.

Let it be noted though that this list is in no way complete. NYC is bubbling with entrepreneurs in many different sectors trying to change the world for the better. Whether you want to start the next Facebook or mass produce solar powered cars, NYC has an incubator and larger community that will help you see your idea to light.

P.S. Being accepted into an incubator also goes a long way in regards to catching the attention of the media :).