NYC Startups, Know Your Incubators

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

While there’s a lot of talk about startups in NYC and incubators to help fuel these growing businesses, not all incubators are one size fits all. Fact is, no matter what type of company it is that you’re working on, there is an incubator for you. Here are a few incubators to consider based off the type of company you’re trying to start.

2ec5098544966b82ff20a8b8898e8295Food – Hot Bread Kitchen Incubates
Perhaps one of the most obvious startup business categories that is going to need a little more than high speed internet and a shared conference room is the food category. Once you’ve outgrown your home kitchen, it’s time to give Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) Incubates a call. HBK is a culinary incubator and business development program. As a member of HBK’s incubator, you will have the chance to rent commercial kitchen space at well below market rates, as well as attend commercial kitchen training courses and culinary workshops. You will also be immersed in a culture of food entrepreneurs with unique businesses and small but strong menu/product lines. Continue reading


The New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Creates Ecosystem for Sustainable Product Development

Not an Incidental Incubator Anymore.

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

This week TNW and Business Insider ran a story about the best Tech hang outs in New York City. While the Business Insider list focused on the schmoozing in restaurants and bars, TNW included a number of popular co-working spaces, such as WeWork Soho and General Assembly. Collaborative work spaces and incubators have sprouted up across the city and become the breeding ground for a new generation of tech companies.  

Construction site for the New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Construction site for the New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

ClimateWeek NYC brought me to the The Brooklyn Navy Yard this week. 3DP Media has organized a panel on the new industrial revolution, led by innovations such as 3D-printing. It was a perfect location to discuss sustainable product development and green manufacturing.

Situated on the Brooklyn side of the East River, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is a giant industrial park that currently houses more than 330 companies. Its 4 million square feet site is home to the greatest concentration of manufacturing and green businesses in New York City. With its commitment to sustainable development, the Brooklyn Navy Yard has become the poster child for the comeback of (green) manufacturing.  

With a mix of creative and manufacturing the Brooklyn Navy Yard has been incidental incubator in the past. Now that role could be more formalized. In March 2013 the Brooklyn Navy Yard entered the beta phase for a new experiment: The New Lab, a work space that houses a mix of creative, engineering and product development companies that collaborate to create more sustainable products and a more sustainable living environment. While the concept is being tested with a small group of companies, the Yard is developing a 100,000 square feet complex that will become home to the New Lab in 2015.