The 5 Best News Aggregator Apps For Marketers & PR People

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

With information overload growing, one challenge for marketers, content creators and PR people is to find relevant content and ideas. News aggregator apps can help you to put relevant content together, stay up-to-date and find articles for your interests.

Here are five new aggregator apps that we work with:


Flipboard (iPhone, Android, iPad)

Part of my daily routine is to read the latest news over Flipboard on my iPad. With its modern magazine style, Flipboard makes the entire reading process convenient and simple. During the setup you choose your topics of interest and sources and Flipboard will provide you the content you need. As you can integrate social media channels such as Twitter or Instagram, tweets or images will show up next to the articles.   Continue reading


NYC BigApps Competition Wants Your Big Ideas to Improve Life and Work in New York City

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR




Wanted are technology solutions that help improve resource management, education, health and public safety, among other challenges

On May 6, a diverse mix of of developers, engineers, designers, marketers and content experts, gathered at the AppNexus office in Manhattan for the NYC BigApps 2014 kick-off.  New York City’s 5th Annual BigApps is a four-month competition that awards technology products that best solve major challenges affecting New York City residents, visitors, and businesses. Participants can win cash prizes, products, special recognitions, and the chance that their product will get adopted by a civic group or city agency.


By giving access to government agency data, NYC BigApps has helped launch nearly 300 apps designed to improve the life and work of New Yorkers since its creation in 2009. Last year’s BigApps Grand Prize winner was HealthyOut, an app that helps users find and order a healthy restaurant meal for delivery, takeout or browse for healthy dish suggestions when dining out. Since then, the app has expanded its geographic footprint outside of New York. Today’s HealthyOut users can order nutritious meals in more than 500 cities, choosing from more than 20,000 restaurants.


This year’s BigApps contestants are encouraged to submit projects that fit into one of the four categories:  Live, Work, Learn, and Play.  At the kick-off event 44 BigApps partners, including city agencies, private companies, civic organizations and educational institutions, had set up a booth to discuss projects needs, ideas and available data with the attendees. Projects can run the gamut from mobile and web apps, connected devices, data tools, games, and other technology products.

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Magnolia Bakery Steps Up Their Marketing Efforts with MasterCard Partnership

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

New York City’s cupcake icon, Magnolia Bakery, stepped up their marketing recently with a key partnership with MasterCard and participation in the Priceless Surprises and MasterPass programs.

Magnolia BakeryKicking off the partnership, Magnolia Bakery participated in a Priceless Surprises campaign with MasterCard on January 31st. Through the campaign, MasterCard holders were offered a free cupcake at any US based Magnolia Bakery location just for showing their card. The campaign was so successful that Magnolia Bakery saw a 38% spike in sales on that day and was able to attribute 30% of that spike directly to the campaign. Their participation was part of an even bigger campaign where MasterCard was randomly choosing customers who shared moments over Instagram with the hashtag ‘#PricelssSurprises’ and giving them anything from free tickets to the Oscars, Justin Timberlake tickets, and more. Although no stats were given, one can presume that Magnolia Bakery also enjoyed a huge social media spike as customers used their free cupcakes to enter to win some of these bigger prizes. Continue reading


GSMA Mobile World Congress 2014 Highlights

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Mobile-World-Congress-MWC-PreviewOver the past four days business leaders and enthusiasts of the mobile technology industry flooded the city of Barcelona, Spain, as they played a part in shaping the future of mobile. Once a year since 2006 Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association (GSMA) hosts the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (before Barcelona the event was hosted in Cannes). This year’s event attracted 70,000 visitors and played host to product launches and some truly memorable keynote speakers. With overarching themes of security, connectivity, cheaper hardware and water-resistant devices, here are a few highlights from the show: Continue reading


Holiday Shopping 2013: Watch out for Santa’s new digital elves and reindeers

By Dennis Anderson, St. Francis College, and Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR
This blog post was originally published by ACM – Computers in Entertainment.


Forget chimney sweeping, Santa is sending gifts by same-day courier and his elves are roaming virtual shopping malls to stuff your stockings.

adidasinteractive_2This year’s holiday shopping is on track to set a new record for m-commerce: Total e-commerce grew 24% to $4.6 billion on Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving, according to research conducted by BI Intelligence. The study concluded that m-commerce grew 63 percent and accounted for nearly $940 million in sales on those three days. One in four e-commerce dollars spent on Black Friday and Thanksgiving was on purchases made through mobile devices. Comscore is predicting a combined 14-17 percent growth in holiday desktop e-commerce and m-commerce compared to last year, keeping in mind that this year’s shopping season is merely 27 days, thus six days shorter than 2012.

Santa and his virtual elves also have a couple of new tricks up their sleeves. One of them is comparison shopping.  Continue reading


Video Killed the PowerPoint Star

The Rise of Video for Collaboration in the Social Enterprise

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Video is increasingly used by marketers. According to invisia.com 100 million Internet users watch an online video each day. It is also a powerful tool for internal communications and collaboration and will further gain importance in the next years. Last week, Business Development Institute and PR Newswire  organized a summit on The Future of Collaboration & Internal Communications at the Graduate Center of City University in New York.  One of the sessions, given by Aaron Walt of Kaltura, was on the benefits of using video in the social enterprise.

Video messages can replace PowerPoint presentations

Video messages are more engaging than emails and presentations

Companies have adopted the use of social media for internal and external communications. Social media platforms enable companies to have a direct dialogue with all types of stakeholders, including employees and customers. Tools like Twitter and Facebook, among others, allow companies to inform about topics and engage with their audiences in ways that were not possible before. Now that the use of social media is common practice, it is time to take the next step: employing video for internal collaboration.

Incorporating video messages and video conferences into the daily routine will open up new possibilities for stakeholder engagement. It will change the way we communicate and collaborate.

The quality of self-made videos will continuously improve in the next years as new camera technologies and editing programs become available.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas that will benefit from using video: Continue reading


New York Tech Startups Disrupt Traditional Industries – For the Better

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

Zipments CEO presenting at INGENUITY

This week the New Venture Capital Association (NYVCA) hosted its 4th annual INGENUITY Conference, putting a spotlight on the city’s vibrant startup scene. Chris Fralic, the Ingenuity’s co-chair and partner at First Round Capital, first round capital, stated in his introductory remarks that today’s question is not whether you can build a tech company and hire enough engineers in New York. Looking at the successful tech startups in New York, the question has shifted to whether you can build a company as big as Facebook in New York City.

To showcase some of New York’s finest tech startups, NYVCA had vetted hundreds of applications from New York startups prior to the conference and had selected 16 lucky companies to present their business strategy at the event.

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The Summer of 2013: S’mores and Apps

By Katja Schroeder and Dennis Anderson. Published by ACM Computer in Entertainment on July 31, 2013

The dog days of summer have begun. Schools are closed. The annual summer reading list is taped on the fridge. For many kids, the summer is not just about spending time at the beach and enjoying s’mores at campfires; an increasing number of parents send their children to camps that offer some type of educational value, such as learning a new language or exploring science.  Bookstores are stocked with summer learning books that promise to prepare their children for the next grade.  A new generation of tech-savvy parents has discovered mobile apps and online software as a learning tool for their children.

In 2011, already more than a quarter of all parents had downloaded apps for their children to use, according to aCommon Sense Media study. The higher use of mobile devices has accelerated the adoption of educational apps at home since then.  The Pew Research Center estimates that tablet ownership among adults in the United States rose from 10 percent in December 2012 to 34 percent in June 2013—and 50 percent among parents with young children. About 60 percnet of children ages 8 to 11 use phone apps based on a study conducted by the research firm KidSay.

The appeal of downloading educational apps for kids is simple.  The gamified approach of apps engages kids to solve math problems and other tasks that they may not want to do.  They can collect virtual coins and rewards for solving a variety of challenges. Like adding vegetables to favorite dishes to make meals more nutritious, practicing math via apps becomes fun, and makes the use of mobile devices for kids more beneficial.

Here are the five most popular math apps for children available on iTunes, which can make the summer more enjoyable.

To read the full article, click here


The Future of Crowdfunding is Mobile!

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

It’s undeniable that the rate at which Americans are adapting to mobile technologies is impressive to say the least. Currently, according to Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2013, 56% of American adults are now smartphone owners. This number increases dramatically when you look at American adults between the ages of 24 – 35 earning $100,000 or more a year; over 87% in this category own a smartphones. Coincidently, when you look at who is contributing to crowdfunding campaigns, according to the American Dream Composite Index, it’s 24-35 year olds earning $100,000 or more.

See the full article on Crowdsourcing.org


Social Media: A Social Net in Times of Disaster

By Patricia Martinez, Expedition PR

In February 2010, an earthquake of 8.8 in Richter scale shook Chile. People were in shock and desperately tried to contact their family and friends to see whether they were safe. Phone lines collapsed. After an emergency of such proportions, the only way to keep informed used to be listening to the radio; today people turn to Twitter and Facebook.

The hashtag #Chile was trending within minutes. It was the only way to get information in real time before the traditional media started to share the magnitude of the disaster, including which zones were more affected and how the authorities were planning to manage the situation, etc. In those circumstances, access to timely and accurate information is a matter of life and death. Twitter was the primary tool to locate loved ones, to know what had happened and where, especially for those with relatives out of the country.

Another example for the powerful use of social media is the “Arab Spring”. People used social networks to coordinate gatherings and for sharing information.

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