Global Communications Trends in 2015 (navos study)

Our partner agency in Germany, navos public dialogue consultants, surveyed communications professionals in more than 10 countries to identify key industry trends for 2015.

The survey results show that societal, technology and government changes have changed the tool box of the communications professional. Communications strategies also adapted to the way consumers and business audiences get and consume information. In some countries, including Poland, Spain and Russia, media laws have changed and, therefore, also had an impact on the PR sector.

While media relations is still a core discipline, social media marketing continues to become an integral part of communications programs.   The study “Trends in Global Communications 2015″ is available for download on the navos website  – http://www.navos.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/141216_navos_kooperationen_pr_trends_survey.pdf.

navos trends in global communications 2015


The 5 Best News Aggregator Apps For Marketers & PR People

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

With information overload growing, one challenge for marketers, content creators and PR people is to find relevant content and ideas. News aggregator apps can help you to put relevant content together, stay up-to-date and find articles for your interests.

Here are five new aggregator apps that we work with:


Flipboard (iPhone, Android, iPad)

Part of my daily routine is to read the latest news over Flipboard on my iPad. With its modern magazine style, Flipboard makes the entire reading process convenient and simple. During the setup you choose your topics of interest and sources and Flipboard will provide you the content you need. As you can integrate social media channels such as Twitter or Instagram, tweets or images will show up next to the articles.   Continue reading


Read, Write, Pitch – A Few Sites To Follow The News And Get Ideas

Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

Electronic and paper media concept“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 
Dr. SeussI Can Read With My Eyes Shut!


As a public relations agency with a thing for tech and sustainability, my obvious daily reading choices include TechCrunch, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times at breakfast. I continue my reading round with Business Insider, Fast Company and Green Biz during the day. To scan the news quickly, I turn to Twitter and the Flipboard app. Twitter shows me what’s trending and I have key words set up for topics that are of interest to me.

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8 Tips on How to Get Market Visibility on a Shoestring Budget as a Startup

by Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

Startup New Business Project With Rocket Image Development And LAs a startup, chances are that you only have a limited budget for your marketing program. However, getting market visibility is crucial to your business success. How can you compete against large companies with vast marketing resources? Public relations can be a powerful and efficient tool to reach your customers, if used smartly. While you might not have the same marketing budget as your competitor, your advantage will be speed and focus. Following are eight PR and marketing tips to get your company on the map.

1. Focus on key influencer network: Scan the media, the blogosphere, social media and industry events to identify the top 15-20 influencers in your sector (media, analysts, academics, etc.).
2. Compile corporate quick facts: Develop a one-page backgrounder on your business:  who you are, and what you offer to whom.  Include third party validation, such as awards and market stats, as available. Turn technical language into simple words that clearly explain the business value of your product or services. If your grandmother can understand your description, you’re good to go. Post it on your site and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Google+.
3. Include key words in press materials.  Make a list of your top 10 key words. Use GoogleAdwords’ search-based keyword tool to find the right key words that improve your search engine pick up and website traffic. Use those key words consistently in your website and press materials and as tags.

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Determining a Marketing & PR Budget

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, choosing an appropriate budget to promote your product/company can be a difficult task at times. Here are two points to consider when preparing this budget:

Look-at-Me-29mc3sv (1)Do: Consider your goals. The first step of an effective marketing and PR budget is to consider your goals and how much it takes to achieve these goals. For an established company, this means looking at historical data to determine your customer acquisition cost (CAC). For a startup, this will be more of an estimation exercise, but still none the less important.

Once you have a CAC in mind, start thinking about how many new customers you want. How many new customers can your business handle? How much profit will each of these new customers produce for your company? Is it more than your CAC? If not, you want to start thinking of a way to lower your CAC or increase the profit you can expect from each customer before going ahead with your promotional plan. Continue reading


How to Ace Your Next Media Interview

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Have an interview with a reporter coming up and you’re nervous about what they will ask you? Think they’re going to drill you with questions and twist your words for the most sensational article possible? Well, unless you’re being interviewed by Rita Skeeter, you have nothing to worry about. Rita SkeeterWhat you’re really doing is having a conversation with someone who is interested in hearing more
about you and/or your company, plain and simple. Follow these 3 quick guidelines to make sure that your conversation goes smoothly: Continue reading


Magnolia Bakery Steps Up Their Marketing Efforts with MasterCard Partnership

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

New York City’s cupcake icon, Magnolia Bakery, stepped up their marketing recently with a key partnership with MasterCard and participation in the Priceless Surprises and MasterPass programs.

Magnolia BakeryKicking off the partnership, Magnolia Bakery participated in a Priceless Surprises campaign with MasterCard on January 31st. Through the campaign, MasterCard holders were offered a free cupcake at any US based Magnolia Bakery location just for showing their card. The campaign was so successful that Magnolia Bakery saw a 38% spike in sales on that day and was able to attribute 30% of that spike directly to the campaign. Their participation was part of an even bigger campaign where MasterCard was randomly choosing customers who shared moments over Instagram with the hashtag ‘#PricelssSurprises’ and giving them anything from free tickets to the Oscars, Justin Timberlake tickets, and more. Although no stats were given, one can presume that Magnolia Bakery also enjoyed a huge social media spike as customers used their free cupcakes to enter to win some of these bigger prizes. Continue reading


What is a Mommy Blogger and How Do You Incorporate Them Into Your Communication Plan?

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

The term Mommy Blogger can tend to invoke thoughts of a mother balancing her newborn in one hand while switching off between preparing dinner and writing a new blog post on the topic of parenting with the other hand. While it is true that at some point most mommy bloggers might have started their blog in this fashion, today the term encompasses much more than these small time parenting blogs.

Mommy BloggerToday the title mommy blogger is given to a powerful and diverse group of women with children of all ages, who blog about a variety of different topics. While some mommy bloggers chronicle their daily lives, many of the more highly read blogs have a unique angle or focus and offer actionable advice on dealing with many different issues regarding parenting, or simply topics looked at through the lens of a parent. Larger sites such as Dooce.com, which receives over 100,000 daily visitors according to a New York Times article featuring the blog, even feature dedicated forums where visitors can introduce their own topics and seek advice from the community. And perhaps one of the biggest acknowledgements to the growth of the mommy blogger community was President Obama’s 2012 live video conference appearance at the BlogHer annual convention. Continue reading


PR Counsel On Demand

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

Companies have different communications needs.  They depend on the industry, market position, business stage  and resources.

IMG_0774Communications professionals dedicate endless hours to developing the perfect PR strategy and program, based on their company’s specific situation. Outside help – through agencies – is available. We certainly always love to help.

Through speaking with a number of startups in the past months, we realized that companies, small and large, sometimes need communications counsel on an ad hoc basis.

So, what if you could have instant access to brainstorm ideas, get advice on specific communications challenges, or feedback on a social media marketing strategy?

That’s possible now. Continue reading


PR Success Case: Warby Parker

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

During two New York tech events – Ingenuity and TechWeek New York – Warby Parker executives presented a compelling case study for PR.

Warby Parker Dog SiteWarby Parker carefully crafted the positioning of a socially responsible lifestyle brand that offers beautiful designed glasses at a great value and with wonderful customer experience.

When the company first launched out of one of the founder’s homes in February 2010, it invested in three things: a gorgeous website, customer service and PR.

The company hired a fashion PR firm to arrange meetings with  top-tier lifestyle media editors to share the Warby Parker story and showcase the company’s first line of glasses.

The first stories appeared in GQ and Vogue. Afterwards, the company was flooded with customer orders. Warby Parker met its sales goals within three years, and had 20,000 customers on the waiting list. Continue reading