What is the best launch platform for your product?

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

The following is an excerpt from our most recent addition to our eBook Startup Series, Product Launch Marketing: Tips & Tricks. To download the complete eBook for insights on what to consider when launching your next product, follow this link: http://www.expeditionpr.com/pr-resources/ebook-product-launch-marketing-tips-and-tricks/


One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the product launch should be a soft launch or a hard launch.

The answer really depends on whether your product is ready and scalable. If you are ready (as outlined in the previous chapter), a hard launch is a good option. If you are not quite ready yet, start softly and use the feedback you get on your product enhance and bullet proof your offering.  Remember, while you don’t want to get out too late, if you wait to long, chances are you are losing your first-market mover advantage.  Here are some of the pros and cons for each approach.

Soft Launch vs. Hard launch
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Preparing For Your Product Launch: Knowing When You’re Ready

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Before you launch your product there are two important questions you have to ask yourself: 1) If everyone I’m alerting about my product’s launch decided to check out what I have to offer, am I prepared to offer them all a great customer experience? 2) If they all told three of their friends who ended up also checking out my product in the near future, will I be able to provide these new customers with the same great customer experience?

Harrison Interactive Customer Experience Impact ReportCustomer experience and scalability are the two essential factors to knowing you’re ready to launch your product. According to the 2013 Harris Interactive Customer Experience Report, 86% of consumers report to having quit doing business with a company due to a single negative customer experience. If you answered no to either of the previous two questions, then you are not ready to launch. If you answered ‘I think so’ or ‘maybe’ to either or both of these questions, don’t worry, there is a solution for you too. Continue reading


What is a Mommy Blogger and How Do You Incorporate Them Into Your Communication Plan?

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

The term Mommy Blogger can tend to invoke thoughts of a mother balancing her newborn in one hand while switching off between preparing dinner and writing a new blog post on the topic of parenting with the other hand. While it is true that at some point most mommy bloggers might have started their blog in this fashion, today the term encompasses much more than these small time parenting blogs.

Mommy BloggerToday the title mommy blogger is given to a powerful and diverse group of women with children of all ages, who blog about a variety of different topics. While some mommy bloggers chronicle their daily lives, many of the more highly read blogs have a unique angle or focus and offer actionable advice on dealing with many different issues regarding parenting, or simply topics looked at through the lens of a parent. Larger sites such as Dooce.com, which receives over 100,000 daily visitors according to a New York Times article featuring the blog, even feature dedicated forums where visitors can introduce their own topics and seek advice from the community. And perhaps one of the biggest acknowledgements to the growth of the mommy blogger community was President Obama’s 2012 live video conference appearance at the BlogHer annual convention. Continue reading