10 Must-Read Publications For Startups

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Photo: Markus Spiske

Photo: Markus Spiske

Last week we published an article on “Books You Want To Read This Summer” and before that we recommended “A Few Sites To Follow The News And Get Ideas”.  This time we put together a few blogs and publications that we think every entrepreneur should read to stay ahead of the curve.

WSJ “The Accelerator” Column

In the Wall Street Journal column “The Accelerator”, startup mentors are discussing strategies and challenges of creating a new business. The blog shares different viewpoints and experiences of entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. It’s a must-read for every aspiring and serial entrepreneur. @wsjstartup


Every company we talk to wants to be covered by TechCrunch. It is one of the biggest news sites to cover disruptive IT startups and large companies, such as Google, Apple and Facebook. We call it “the daily bread” of the tech industry. @TechCrunch  Continue reading


3 Marketing & PR Practices that Startups and Small Businesses Can Adapt from Large Corporations

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR


This Or That Way Directions On A SignpostIn many ways large companies and startups organizations have a different business culture, level of bureaucracy and organizational structure. They also have different pain points. While startups and small businesses are struggling with a limited budget and lack of in-house expertise, large organizations often have an abundance of resources but suffer from an absence of flexibility and innovation. Albeit resources are not the same, startups can adapt some nifty corporate PR and marketing practices that can work for them. Here are three winning communications practices that can lay the foundations for a successful communications strategy – even on a shoestring budget.

1.Base your brand communications on a simple, but powerful key message: You have to identify the value that you contribute to your customers and transfer it to a clear and simple message that all of your customers and other stakeholders, such as investors and partners, can understand and relate to. Do not communicate the whole facet of offers that you might have, because this leads to confusion on the customer’s side. A simple and appealing key message is the foundation to build a strong brand over time.

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New York Tech Startups Disrupt Traditional Industries – For the Better

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

Zipments CEO presenting at INGENUITY

This week the New Venture Capital Association (NYVCA) hosted its 4th annual INGENUITY Conference, putting a spotlight on the city’s vibrant startup scene. Chris Fralic, the Ingenuity’s co-chair and partner at First Round Capital, first round capital, stated in his introductory remarks that today’s question is not whether you can build a tech company and hire enough engineers in New York. Looking at the successful tech startups in New York, the question has shifted to whether you can build a company as big as Facebook in New York City.

To showcase some of New York’s finest tech startups, NYVCA had vetted hundreds of applications from New York startups prior to the conference and had selected 16 lucky companies to present their business strategy at the event.

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Buffalo New York’s Start-up Scene, Hotter Than Their Sauce

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Buffalo New York, the land of amazing chicken wings, a mediocre football team (no hard feelings, I’m from the Miami area..woo hoo ‘72 Dolphins), and a bubbling startup scene. That’s right, Buffalo has a startup scene that’s been quietly gaining momentum over the years. Here are three factors that are contributing to this up-and-coming tech hub:

9583301-buffalo-new-york-red-flag-pin-on-an-old-map-showing-travel-destinationThe Buffalo Billion. To help Buffalo in reviving its economy, Governor Andrew Cuomo has committed a historic $1 billion in investments to the Buffalo economy. Known as the Buffalo Billion Investment Development Plan, the governor introduced the plan earlier this year with a roadmap for six signature investable initiatives aimed at helping all areas of the economy. Most notably for the startup world is the Buffalo Breakthrough Business Challenge.  This initiative will feature a “world-class business plan competition to catalyze the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.” With prizes such as incubator space, mentorship, VC intros, and funding, plan to see even more scruffy looking programmer types invading the local coffee shops once the competition kicks off.

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