Two Charity Campaigns that Went Viral

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

According to BBC News people donated $98.2 million to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association from July 29 to August 28 this year – compared with $2.7 million donated during the same period last year. All thanks to its Ice Bucket Challenge. Celebrities, politicians, business executives were among the thousands of people all over the world who took part in this clever social media campaign, including former President George W. Bush, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and performer Justin Timberlake. The campaign faced some criticism.  Not all #ALSIceBucketChallenge participants mention the disease and some celebrities use it more as a PR stunt for themselves. But as a marketer you have to admit that the campaign turned out to be a success and has achieved its overall goal: to raise awareness for ALS. According to BBC News the ALS Wikipedia page had 2,717,754 views from August 1 to August 27 this year, a significant increase compared to the 1,662,842 people who had visited the page during the preceding 12 months. By August 29 the Challenge had gained 4,483,726 Twitter mentions and increased its followers to 22,000, from 8,975 in early July.


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Building Your Business’s Twitter Presence from Scratch

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

If a Tweet is published from an account with no followers, was it ever really published? Ok, I’m kidding of course, but if you’re reading this I’m sure you know how frustrating Twitter can be when you’re just starting off and have a small following. The fact of the matter is that #Winning like Charlie Sheen and making it to 900,000 Twitter followers in 24 hours just isn’t going to happen for the majority of us. If you’re a new company and just starting out on Twitter (or Saxophonist John Klemmer and been tweeting since 2009 on a verified account with only 166 followers to date), don’t be too down on yourself if it takes you over a month just to get to 900 followers.

twitter-follow-me-iconWhile keeping in mind that there is a difference between simply getting your Twitter follower number up and having people actually interested in your product follow you; here are some techniques you can use to help put your account in front of people who will be interested in reading what you have to Tweet:

Competitors Followers – A good place to start with any new Twitter account is to look at your competitors’ Twitter accounts and follow the users who follow them. When you follow these users they will get a notification from Twitter and are usually happy to learn about a new product that is similar to something they are currently using. From here you can expand this strategy to accounts of products that your target customers might also use. Continue reading


Pro Tip: Social Media Tools That Will Change Your Life

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Most people know that, and in case you didn’t know, there are many social media tools out there for you to explore. Some, like Hashtracking and Hootsuite, can be very helpful with managing multiple accounts or keeping tabs on a marketing campaign’s internet-marketing-toolshashtag. Other social media tools, like Bad Luck Brian and Scumbag Steve, are good for a few laughs, but won’t help you with much else. After having carefully navigated the internet for social media tools and painstakingly filtered the Hootsuites from the Bad Luck Brians, here is a list of tools that might be of help on your next social media marketing campaign: Continue reading


Booth Marketing at NY Tech Day 2014

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR


swag troll

Swag Troll

What makes a great trade show booth? Flashy signs? Free swag? Booth babes? While these all might seem like nice gimmicks, and might work at attracting eyeballs to your booth, to a certain extent…do they actually help you get the leads you came to the trade show for? While walking the floor at NY Tech Day 2014 I was able to see a little bit of everything, and took note on which hooks were producing leads, and which were just attracting the swag trolls (see photo and guard your giveaways when this attendee approaches your booth). Here are a few of the companies who got it right:

New York Tech Day attendees had numerous possibilities to get discounts, use promo codes and get free trials, as seen at UBER’s or at the Dash’s booth.


Seldon Marketing did a great job, with their mini basketball game, that would make you enter a raffle after shooting some hoops to win great prices. Zipmark also bet on physical activities to make people stop by and engage while playing a round of Cornhole.

Most visitors didn’t need to go out for lunch, since marketers and exhibitors were luring the people like the witch in “Hansel and Gretel” with candy, treats and beverages. And the classic trade show giveaways such as pens, mini footballs and can holder were not missing either.

Gilt Tech got attention by taking their Plasma Car for a ride through Pier 92 and directing visitors to their booth.

Pretzel Crisps was driving traffic to their social media channels with the chance to win a Pretzel Crisps party pack for all the Tech Day visitors who would retweet the message.


Pretzel Crisps

Kookopa, a fashion community where women can rent closets to and from each other, used walking human billboards for their booth marketing that day. Models actually walking around at Pier 92, showing outfits and holding a sign saying “Love my style? Rent it!” definitely created some buzz.

Some companies didn’t even need any specific booth marketing. Soolidoodle attracted visitors simply by their product, exposing their 3D printer and many people stopped by to see this groundbreaking innovation in action for the first time in their lives.

All in all we were astonished how great the booths looked and what can be done even with a small marketing budget.


human billboards

3d printer



Hollywood’s A-List Rules Twitter

This post was originally published by ACM Computers in Entertainment on March 31, 2014.

Ellen DeGeneres Group Selfie During the Oscars Proofs Entertainment Content Rules Social Media and Shows the Marketing Power of the Second Screen

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

Ellen DeGeneres’ group selfie featuring herself, 10 A-list celebrities and the brother of Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o during the Oscars on March 2nd was a slam dunk on Twitter for Hollywood. Within a few hours the star-studded selfie dethroned President Obama’s victory photo as the most retweeted picture on Twitter in history. To date it has achieved more than 3.4 million retweets and prompted parodies, including one from The Simpsons.  In comparison, Obama’s victory photo was shared 780,000 times.

At the one million retweet mark, Twitter honored Ellen DeGeneres for setting a new world record with – what else – a Tweet.

The envelope please….to @TheEllenShow – this is now the most re-tweeted Tweet with over 1 million RTs. Congrats!

— Twitter (@twitter) March 2, 2014


If you are not one of the over three million people who retweeted or liked the picture since the Academy Awards ceremony, this is the famous tweet that started it all:

If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscarspic.twitter.com/C9U5NOtGap

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) 3. März 2014

With the exception of Meryl Streep, who according to media reports exclaimed at the group shot that she has never tweeted before, entertainment celebrities have the highest following on Twitter. Continue reading


Super Bowl XLVIII Social Media Updates: More Entertaining Than the Actual Game?

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

Go ahead, update that status, you’re not missing much on the TV screen anyways. There’s no way around it, Super Bowl 48 was a blowout that made for a rather yawn inducing evening. If not for the ads, Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime performance, and the social media updates, I might have gone to bed early.

Super Bowl 48, once again, beat last year’s Tweet count with 24.9 million Tweets, 800,000 more than last year. Fans and marketers alike took to social media to chime in on the event, making for some very interesting tweets from some brands. Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s Super Bowl social media use. Continue reading


Social Media and Data Analytics are Main Ingredients for Good Restaurant Marketing Recipes


Case Study: The Opening of Falansai Vietnamese Kitchen

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR


One of the industries that technology is changing dramatically for the better is the food and restaurant business. Technology spurred the creation of new types of food services and is helping restaurants with their operations and marketing. There is a food tech boom in New York and many of the new food companies are based in Brooklyn. Crain’s New York reported that investors have a huge appetite for Brooklyn food startups. The on-demand dining industry is growing, driven by new types of companies that help consumers prepare gourmet meals at home with home-delivered packages that include ingredients and recipes or help consumers purchase fresh produce and organic products via the Web. Examples are Plated, Blue Apron, Kitchensurfing, Food52, Wholeshare and Farmigo.

But also the traditional restaurant industry is using technology from point-of-sales (POS) systems, online reservation and delivery services as well as social media marketing.

Brooklyn Based Named Falansai Among the Best New Restaurants in 2013

Brooklyn Based Named Falansai Among the Best New Restaurants in 2013

Thus, we were very excited to be brought on board to execute an integrated marketing program for the opening of Falansai Vietnamese Kitchen (pronounced faa-laan-sai) in Brooklyn, New York. Continue reading


For Marketers, The Game For Winning Super Bowl Audiences Plays On YouTube

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Frito- Lay’s Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” challenge - www.doritos.com

Frito- Lay’s Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” challenge – www.doritos.com

With more than 111 million viewers glued to the TV, traditionally the Super Bowl has been the launch pad for the year’s most exciting TV ads. But today TV is not the only star of a successful Super Bowl marketing campaign. Weeks prior to the game kick-off, marketers start drumming up excitement and even crowdsource content from audiences for their campaigns on YouTube. While the Super Bowls draws millions of viewers on game day, YouTube engages more than 1 billion unique users each month.  According to ComScore, people are willing to spend 2.7 minutes watching an online video.

Last year Mashable published a YouTube report stating that Super Bowl ads shown before the Big Game generate 600 percent more views. Ads (including teasers) related to the game were viewed more than 66 million times on YouTube prior to Super Bowl Sunday.

Some brands launched campaigns that engaged the audience prior to the game. One example is Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand and its “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign that airs multiple ads that were sourced and selected by fans.

The idea behind Frito- Lay’s Doritos hosted “Crash the Super Bowl” challenge is that fans can submit commercials and the online community votes which spot will be shown during the next Super Bowl. Next to the fan pick a second spot is picked by the company’s marketing board. To be able to vote for one of the spots, users need to connect with their Facebook profile and spread the video on social media. Last year’s popular vote winners – “Goat 4 Sale”, “Fashionista Daddy” and “Road Chip” – were aired during the Super Bowl and got rave reviews by fans and critics alike. Continue reading


German Social Media Networks: Xing The Rising Star and Yelp Entering The Market

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Xing is one of Germany's leading social networks

Xing is one of Germany’s leading social networks

According to a ComScore report,  46.4 million people are accessing social media services via their PC in Germany. With a population of over 81 million people, half of the country is regularly online. 17.3 million Germans are checking in on social networks daily for news . Half of those (8.4 million) are using their Smartphone to go online to read blogs or communicate via Twitter, Facebook and other social media services.

This month, eMarketer published a report stating that Germany is the top social networking spot in Western Europe, edging out the U.K. The social media usage numbers in Germany are expected to increase further over the next years.

In the U.S. the most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. In Germany Facebook and Google+ are also among the top social networks, with Facebook dominating the market.  However, there are also few other networks that are worth mentioning. One of them is Xing, a social network for business professionals that is comparable to LinkedIn. Continue reading


Facebook Is Still The Most Popular Social Network in Latin America

Latam Has Highest Social Media User Growth Rate

By Patricia Martínez, Expedition PR

Latin America has the fastest growing online population worldwide

Latin America has the fastest growing online population worldwide

Latin Americans flock to social networks. Even though the Internet penetration in Latin America is still not as high as in other regions, such as Europe and Asia, the region has the highest year-over-year growth rate in the world, according to the ComScore report “2013 Latin America Future in Focus”. Latin America had the fastest growing internet population, increasing 12 percent compared to the previous year to more than 147 million unique visitors in March 2013. Latin Americans also spend double the time on social media platforms (10 hours) than the global average (5.8 hours).

Let’s take a look at where and how people in Latin America spend their time on social media. Continue reading