What Are The Best Key Performance Indicators For B2B Content Marketers?

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

The idea behind Content Marketing is that compelling content attracts customers. An organization creates materials that are relevant for its audiences, such as industry news, white papers, e-books, infographics or case- studies. The key challenge most content creators face is measurement. Which key performance indicators should they pick to measure the outcome?

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Booth Marketing at NY Tech Day 2014

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR


swag troll

Swag Troll

What makes a great trade show booth? Flashy signs? Free swag? Booth babes? While these all might seem like nice gimmicks, and might work at attracting eyeballs to your booth, to a certain extent…do they actually help you get the leads you came to the trade show for? While walking the floor at NY Tech Day 2014 I was able to see a little bit of everything, and took note on which hooks were producing leads, and which were just attracting the swag trolls (see photo and guard your giveaways when this attendee approaches your booth). Here are a few of the companies who got it right:

New York Tech Day attendees had numerous possibilities to get discounts, use promo codes and get free trials, as seen at UBER’s or at the Dash’s booth.


Seldon Marketing did a great job, with their mini basketball game, that would make you enter a raffle after shooting some hoops to win great prices. Zipmark also bet on physical activities to make people stop by and engage while playing a round of Cornhole.

Most visitors didn’t need to go out for lunch, since marketers and exhibitors were luring the people like the witch in “Hansel and Gretel” with candy, treats and beverages. And the classic trade show giveaways such as pens, mini footballs and can holder were not missing either.

Gilt Tech got attention by taking their Plasma Car for a ride through Pier 92 and directing visitors to their booth.

Pretzel Crisps was driving traffic to their social media channels with the chance to win a Pretzel Crisps party pack for all the Tech Day visitors who would retweet the message.


Pretzel Crisps

Kookopa, a fashion community where women can rent closets to and from each other, used walking human billboards for their booth marketing that day. Models actually walking around at Pier 92, showing outfits and holding a sign saying “Love my style? Rent it!” definitely created some buzz.

Some companies didn’t even need any specific booth marketing. Soolidoodle attracted visitors simply by their product, exposing their 3D printer and many people stopped by to see this groundbreaking innovation in action for the first time in their lives.

All in all we were astonished how great the booths looked and what can be done even with a small marketing budget.


human billboards

3d printer



PR Counsel On Demand

By Katja Schroeder, Expedition PR

Companies have different communications needs.  They depend on the industry, market position, business stage  and resources.

IMG_0774Communications professionals dedicate endless hours to developing the perfect PR strategy and program, based on their company’s specific situation. Outside help – through agencies – is available. We certainly always love to help.

Through speaking with a number of startups in the past months, we realized that companies, small and large, sometimes need communications counsel on an ad hoc basis.

So, what if you could have instant access to brainstorm ideas, get advice on specific communications challenges, or feedback on a social media marketing strategy?

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Forget Diamonds. Social Media Are A Women Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

By Patricia Martinez, Expedition PR

According to a recent study from the National Federation of Independent Businesses called Small Business: Lessons from the Recession, in 2007 less than 4% of women-owned businesses used social media for business purposes. Fast forward five years, the picture had dramatically changed. Half of the women-owned businesses were using a range of social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to market and grow their business in 2012.

The marketing budget for direct mail, print, broadcast and trade show presence had decreased, and the investment in Internet marketing had increased to 35% (see table 1). What had happened? Female business owners had turned to social media during the recession. When the economy slowly stabilized, the use of social networks had become an integral part of their business and marketing strategies – and stayed. About 56% of the surveyed female entrepreneurs consider social media tools to be important or very important for their businesses.

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It’s a Mobile World: 3 Things To Learn From Large Enterprise Purchases

By Tress Fereday, Expedition PR

It was the announcement that American Airlines purchased 17,000 of Samsung’s Galaxy Note “phablets” for their flight attendants that got my attention.  Considering that the airline has already provided their pilots with 10,000 Apple iPad’s, I wondered why they switched hardware, and ultimately operating systems, for this purchase.  Their PR has been grim of late throughout their bankruptcy troubles and merger talks.  Finally here is some “innovation news,” so I wanted to know more.


Enterprise apps on the mobile device are on the rise

Enterprise apps on the mobile device are on the rise

It seems they already have a relationship with Samsung where their maintenance personnel use the Galaxy Tab, and that device is also offered to Business Class customers for inflight entertainment.


Although the latest data shows that Apple’s iPad and iPhone are the top pick for flyers with the Apple operating system being used 84 percent of the time inflight over Android.  Also, research is revealing that iPhone and iPad continue to gain ground with business users.


This Apple iOS vs. Google’s Android reminds me of the days (not that long ago) when Microsoft ruled the desktop – and the business user – though Apple held strong with certain sectors. I worked at Marketing Communications agencies where “the creatives” had to have Macs, but “account service” always used PCs. That divide is no longer.

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Politics Gone Silly: 3 Places Communications Can Go Right … Or Wrong

By Tress Fereday

With a presidential election looming, politics is the hot topic in media coverage, tweets, and office chatter. I get a chuckle out of the funniest tweets following big events like the debate.

While you may be in business, not politics, there are lessons (good and bad) to be gained from this campaign season.

It was the article about the Kitchen Aid tweet that got me thinking. Now what do appliances have to do with politics? Mmmmm … NOTHING!
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