Six Industry Events to Keep on the Radar for Q4 Marketing Planning

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Workplace with tablet pc showing calendar and a cup of coffee onAs the third quarter of the year is coming to an end, here are some of the key events (sorted by date) that should be on your radar for potential marketing and communications activities in Q4.

  1. Water Innovation Summit 2014, September 23- September 24, 2014, Berkeley, CA

This is a great, interactive, event for sustainability professionals that focus on the issue of water access and recycling. The Water Innovation Summit organizer warns that “if you are looking to sit back and listen to panels, you will want to skip this retreat.” Instead of speakers and panel discussions this summit offers workshops and interactive, highly moderated group discussions, to tackle issues and innovations in the water and wastewater sector from both municipal and industrial point of view.

  1. VERGE 2014, October 27- October 30, 2014, San Francisco, CA

VERGE is GreenBiz Group’s global event series focused on how technology accelerates sustainability solutions across industries and sectors. The event brings together the world’s largest companies, technology innovators, and cities, creating a broad ecosystem of players to accelerate opportunities for business, the environment, and the society overall.

  1. ad:tech New York 2014, November 5- November 6, 2014, New York, NY

ad:tech is a leading digital marketing event for marketing and technology professionals from all over the world. It is also a marketplace for buying and selling, a community for networking, a forum for exchanging ideas and an opportunity for contributing to industry trends and initiatives. Continue reading


Recap: Brooklyn Tech Meetup on 3D- Printing

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Brooklyn Tech Meetup 3d printingBrooklyn, August 26, 2014 – I was a little early for the Brooklyn Tech Meetup at Huge’s offices in Dumbo.  So I had time to go to the waterfront and enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline that gleamed in the sunset. With such a start I expected the Meetup to be a great event – and I was not disappointed. After a short pitch by Heatseek NYC, one of the Big Apps Competition winners, Maureen Coiro and Ben McCallum of the Brooklyn-based 3D – manufacturer MakerBot went on stage. Maureen began with an introduction about the company, and  how 3D- printing will lead into the next industrial revolution. Creative minds only need a desktop computer, tablet, smartphone and a desktop 3D- printer to transform the way we do business. MakerBot is setting up an ecosystem for the 3D-Printer community. So far they have built an app that allows 3D-printer users to monitor and control the printing process and among their online community MakerBot thingiverse, pioneers are freely sharing their blueprints and 3-D models.

3D-printing can be applied in a variety of fields, starting from architects and designers, who 3D- print their models, over to educational institutions that e.g. multiply dissection kits for students or do other amazing projects. For example, the MacArthur Barr Middle School built their own racing cars for their CO2 Drag Race with the help of 3D-printing. And of course there is a consumer side. Consumer use 3D-printers to build bird houses, personalize phone cases, and create jewelry and toys, among others. Continue reading


How Wearable Tech Is Changing The Sports Industry

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR



This week the Fitness & Sports Wearable Technology Conference FAST took place in New York, as part of the Wearable Tech Expo. With Pivothead and adidas two large brands in the wearable tech industry gave some insights of their products and on ways to use them.

Pivothead sells glasses that are equipped with an HD camera that is placed between the eyebrows, guaranteeing hands and distraction free recording and capturing during activities. In other words, you have the same effect as putting a GoPro camera on top of your head, only without looking goofy. Pivothead’s two models Kudu and Durango can be bought in different colors and are both connectable to the Pivothead mobile app. But Christopher Cox, founder and president of Pivothead, didn’t talk much about the technical details of his creations. Instead he focused on ways to use his product. He gave some amazing insights on how broadcasting, brands and companies in the sport industry could take advantage.

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Eight Industry Events to Keep on the Radar for your Q3 Marketing Planning

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Q3 Marketing Planning

As the second quarter of the year is coming to an end, here are some of the key events (sorted by date) that should be on your radar for potential marketing and communications activities in Q3.

  1. Entertainment Software Association E3, June 10 – June 12, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

E3 is one of the largest tradeshows for computer and video games and related products worldwide, drawing tens of thousands of professionals from the gaming industry. A must go for all people who want to experience groundbreaking new technologies and never- before- seen products for computers, video game consoles, handheld systems, mobile and social games and the internet in general.

  1. CRM Evolution 2014, August 18 – August 20, 2014, New York City, NY

This year’s CRM Evolution has added many different topics for marketers. Among these are Sales Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Customer Engagement Strategies, Social CRM and CRM Transformation. As the CRM industry is constantly evolving CRM Evolution conference and exhibition keeps you up to date, offering keynotes, Sunrise Discussions and panels.

  1.  U.S. Open Tennis Championships, August 25 – September 8, 2014, New York City, NY

The 133rd U.S. Open is taking place in the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in the Flushing- Meadows- Park in Queens, New York. Defending champions are Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams. The U.S. Open Tennis Championships attract spectators from all over the world. With high class sponsors such as Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren, J.P. Morgan and Mercedes Benz, this event needs consideration for high class lifestyle brands and sport marketers.

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Highlights from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Keynote at Internet Week NY

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

“A successful city thrives on the kind of disruption new technology brings,” explained Mayor Bill de Blasio at his Internet Week NY Keynote address. And Mayor de Blasio plans to do all he can to keep technology at the forefront of his agenda while mayor of New York City. Here are a few of the initiatives that de Blasio spoke about while addressing the crowd:

Mayor Bill de Blasio at IWNY1. Keeping Foreign Talented and Creative People. The tech community is always in need of talented and creative people. For this reason de Blasio is doing all he can at the local level to help foreigners with the skills to thrive in the tech community stay in New York City. He mentions a program of municipal ID cards as well as working with the Economic Development Corporation of New York City (NYCEDC) to help foreign-born-US-educated entrepreneurs to stay in this city after graduation.

2. Tech Talent Pipeline. Mayor de Blasio was very happy to announce this initiative during the event. The Tech Talent Pipeline will train thousands of New Yorkers for jobs in the tech ecosystem. This is a $10 million initiative that will be backed by JPMorgan Chase, the New York Community Trust and the NYC Workforce Funders Group, among others.

3. Tech Talent Draft. This is a program that connects 4,500 students to over 150 NYC tech companies through events at 90 universities across the country and in NYC. This program is part of the initiative to attract tech talent to NYC.

4. NYC Generation Tech. This is a “tech-entrepreneurship program that provides hands-on learning experiences and mentorship opportunities for New York City high school students interested in transforming the world through tech-based innovations.” This program is a joint effort from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and the NYCEDC.

5. Broadband Access. Without the proper infrastructure, all the talent in the world is useless. For this reason de Blasio is pushing for universal affordable high-speed internet access for everyone in New York City. This initiative also plays into the goal of empowering the whole of New York City to participate in the tech industry. de Blasio seeks to attain this goal by introducing more competition into the broadband internet market in NYC, reexamine franchise agreements with Verizon Fios and Time Warner Cable, converting a network of 10,000 payphones into internet hotspots, and the introduction of the Harlem Wi-Fi network (which will be the largest continuous network of free Wi-Fi in the nation). The Harlem Wi-Fi network in particular will bring free Wi-Fi to 80,000 residents between 110th street and 138th street.

6. .NYC. Later this year New York City will become the first city in this nation with its top-level domain address. Apply for your .nyc address here!

Overall, de Blasio’s plan can be divided into three parts: 1. Keeping tech workers who are benefiting the economy from being forced to leave due to visa issues, 2. Educating our citizens with updated school programs for the young and tech training programs for the current workforce who wants to make a move into the tech sector, and 3. Equipping everyone with the tools they need to participate, i.e. affordable high-speed broadband internet.


P.S. Although I liked the majority of what Mayor de Blasio said, this one thing really bugged me. Bill de Blasio seems a bit out of touch with how long it takes to get places in NYC when you’re not assisted by police escort. He opens his keynote by mentioning that if this same keynote were taking place in Silicon Valley that the commute would be much longer. He must be unaware that New York City has the highest average commute time out of anywhere in the US. NYC has many things going for it that help foster this great community of tech and innovation, though commute times are not one of them.


Booth Marketing at NY Tech Day 2014

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR


swag troll

Swag Troll

What makes a great trade show booth? Flashy signs? Free swag? Booth babes? While these all might seem like nice gimmicks, and might work at attracting eyeballs to your booth, to a certain extent…do they actually help you get the leads you came to the trade show for? While walking the floor at NY Tech Day 2014 I was able to see a little bit of everything, and took note on which hooks were producing leads, and which were just attracting the swag trolls (see photo and guard your giveaways when this attendee approaches your booth). Here are a few of the companies who got it right:

New York Tech Day attendees had numerous possibilities to get discounts, use promo codes and get free trials, as seen at UBER’s or at the Dash’s booth.


Seldon Marketing did a great job, with their mini basketball game, that would make you enter a raffle after shooting some hoops to win great prices. Zipmark also bet on physical activities to make people stop by and engage while playing a round of Cornhole.

Most visitors didn’t need to go out for lunch, since marketers and exhibitors were luring the people like the witch in “Hansel and Gretel” with candy, treats and beverages. And the classic trade show giveaways such as pens, mini footballs and can holder were not missing either.

Gilt Tech got attention by taking their Plasma Car for a ride through Pier 92 and directing visitors to their booth.

Pretzel Crisps was driving traffic to their social media channels with the chance to win a Pretzel Crisps party pack for all the Tech Day visitors who would retweet the message.


Pretzel Crisps

Kookopa, a fashion community where women can rent closets to and from each other, used walking human billboards for their booth marketing that day. Models actually walking around at Pier 92, showing outfits and holding a sign saying “Love my style? Rent it!” definitely created some buzz.

Some companies didn’t even need any specific booth marketing. Soolidoodle attracted visitors simply by their product, exposing their 3D printer and many people stopped by to see this groundbreaking innovation in action for the first time in their lives.

All in all we were astonished how great the booths looked and what can be done even with a small marketing budget.


human billboards

3d printer



NY TechDay 2014 Company Roundup

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

NY TechDay 2014 had the masses turning out in droves to Pier 92 all day yesterday. The event boasted 400 exhibitors and around 10,000 attendees to get a free glimpse at the future of tech in NYC. While exhibiting at NY TechDay, I had the opportunity to walk the floor and talk with some of the entrepreneurs. Here are a few of my favorite new companies:



GetSnippy – GetSnippy is your app for great local deals on things you need form vendors you trust. Going out for lunch with a friend..GetSnippy will show you great deals at local restaurants. Going out for a night on the town..GetSnippy features great nightlife deals. Shopping, travel, shows, beauty services and more, GetSnippy has you covered. Use their interactive map to see what deals are around you, or filter by category to help you find a deal for exactly what you’re looking for.

Kricket – Thankfully today I live in an apartment building with concrete walls…but for the last 5 places I lived where the walls were so thin I could hear my neighbors thinking, Kricket would have been my go to. Kricket is a service that campuses housing, apartment buildings, and various property managers are signing up for to help keep the peace between neighbors, without having to bring in a 3rd party. Once a building is signed up for Kricket, tenants can download the app and send anonymous pings to their noisy neighbors politely asking them to keep the volume down. Quick and easy, no need for an awkward knock at the neighbor’s door, and no need to call the police…Kricket does the work for you.

KeyMe – If you use a key to get into your front door, your room, your office, etc. then KeyMe is a no brainer. Completely free to sign up and store as many keys as you want, KeyMe will save you from paying a building lockout fee or having to wait forever for a locksmith to arrive and paying him an extraordinary rate to jimmy open your door for you and possibly braking the lock in the process. KeyMe allows you to store your key information on a cloud space that can then be used to create a new key by a key cutter at a hardware shop, or at one of the KeyMe key stations throughout the city, and at a fraction of the costs of the alternative options.

Best of luck to all the companies exhibiting at NY TechDay! If there’s a company you particularly liked, please share in the comment section.


Don’t miss these 4 Brooklyn Tech Meetups

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR

Amanda Hesser Cofounder, Food52 and provisions (www.northsidefestival.com/innovation-meetup/)

Amanda Hesser
Food52 and provisions at Northside Innovation

The tech scene in Brooklyn is thriving and has attracted a great mix of startups, established companies and incubators. While most of New York City’s tech events listed on Gary’s Guide still take place in Manhattan, don’t overlook the Brooklyn tech mixers.

Here are our top four picks for tech networking events in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn Tech Meetup: Founded in 2012, the Brooklyn Tech Meetup features Brooklyn tech companies and innovators in its monthly meetings.  Speakers share their views on new tech developments in Brooklyn or talk about their story as a Brooklyn-based business. In addition to meeting inspiring entrepreneurs, you can connect with organizations that can help you start and operate your business, such as the Brooklyn Downtown Alliance or New York City Business Solutions. At every meetup there is plenty of time for networking. There is a small admission fee of about $10. The monthly events are held at different locations. Check out the upcoming meetup here.

Northside Innovation Meetup: Started in 2013, the Northside Innovation Meetup is held monthly at the Brooklyn Brewery and brings together the most exciting and dynamic innovators from Brooklyn and beyond to discuss their ever-changing industries, ideas, challenges and more. Each event has a different theme, but the event format is the same: The events start with presentations by speakers who talk about their “aha”- moment, the moment that actually led them to start the company or find a better way to do business. The keynote presentations are followed by half-hour panel discussion and a Q&A with the audience. After the program ends, attendees stay for networking and food from Mable’s Smokehouse. This is an invitation-only event, with no admission fee. Early sign up is recommended.

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NYC Startups, Know Your Incubators

By Andrés Uribe, Expedition PR

While there’s a lot of talk about startups in NYC and incubators to help fuel these growing businesses, not all incubators are one size fits all. Fact is, no matter what type of company it is that you’re working on, there is an incubator for you. Here are a few incubators to consider based off the type of company you’re trying to start.

2ec5098544966b82ff20a8b8898e8295Food – Hot Bread Kitchen Incubates
Perhaps one of the most obvious startup business categories that is going to need a little more than high speed internet and a shared conference room is the food category. Once you’ve outgrown your home kitchen, it’s time to give Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) Incubates a call. HBK is a culinary incubator and business development program. As a member of HBK’s incubator, you will have the chance to rent commercial kitchen space at well below market rates, as well as attend commercial kitchen training courses and culinary workshops. You will also be immersed in a culture of food entrepreneurs with unique businesses and small but strong menu/product lines. Continue reading


With Google’s Hummingbird Search Is Moving from Keywords to Conversations

By Julian Steinforth, Expedition PR



Americans are spending an average of two hours per day on their mobile devices, according to a Pew study. A sizable portion of that time is dedicated to searching for information online, presenting a huge opportunity for marketers.  And, searching for information has become even easier.

Last September Google launched its new search algorithm Hummingbird. Compared to previous updates such as Panda or Penguin, Hummingbird is a completely new search algorithm that changes how Google is handling search queries. The search engine can now understand conversational, mobile-friendly and audio-based search queries. It is not restricted to keywords anymore.

For example, to find a PR agency in New York, you previously had to type the key words “PR Agency New York” into Google to get results. Now you can use the voice search on your phone saying “I need a PR agency in New York” and Hummingbird will find you one.

Here is a summary of the chances that users will notice through the implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm.

  • Search is becoming more “conversational”. Instead of combining a list of key words, consumers can now use entire sentences as search terms. Jim Yu, founder and CEO of the enterprise SEO Platform BrightEdge wrote in Search Engine Land that Hummingbird allows the Google search engine to better do its job through an improvement in semantic search. “As conversational search becomes the norm, Hummingbird lends understanding to the intent and contextual meaning of terms used in a query,” stated Yu.
  • Search results relate to each other: Eric Enge gives a good example on how Google recognize prior searches and refers to following queries on his blog post for Copyblogger. In a first search he would enter the search phrase “give me some pictures of the Transamerica building” and a selection of illustrations would return. Asking the follow-up questions “how tall is it” gives you information about the building’s height. As you can see Google recognizes the word “it” and refers the query to the prior one.
  • Search results will automatically be put into context. Google is heading towards a “mindreading algorithm” that can automatically put activities into context. Google is already offering email, calendar and map services, among other programs, that help provide the context for a query.
  • Your phone will become your personal assistant: The first step towards this direction is taken through Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant that recognizes repeated actions that users executes on their smartphone. Google Now is competing with Apple’s voice assistant service Siri to become your virtual assistant. One day you might ask your smartphone “What time is my dinner on Tuesday night, where is it, and how do I get there?” and you will actually get a respond. Those queries don’t function yet, but it is only a matter of time until they do.

For more information on Hummingbird yet, take a look at Search Engine Land’s extensive F&Q on the new search algorithm.